Four Legged Furry Grand-kids

It appears I have posted nothing for over a year.  Or, I haven’t posted anything for a year. Or, it’s been a year since I posted anything.  Isn’t English fun.

As you probably know, if you are reading this at all, I enjoy living with two (2) of my furry grand-children.  I have one other who is reported to be as wonderful as these two (2) but, unfortunately, I have yet to meet her.

Here are recent pix of the two I live with.
Pounce INSISTS on supervising from the deck rail while Chessie does her “business”.
He also enjoys watching TV and supervising Alice’s naps.
He often covers the toy Chessie is using and won’t let Chessie get it. Chessie wheedles and coaxes but Pounce never gives in.
Sometime Lilly comes to visit and Chessie tries to get her to play tug. Lilly used to play tug but, now she’s older and more refined. Poor Chessie just keeps coaxing.
I had a several bags of groceries to carry in so, Chess guarded the door so Pounce wouldn’t get out and go wondering.
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Alice and Gramps at the National Wildlife Visitors Center

Today…Friday, October 3…Stacy, Alice’s nurse and I took Alice for a picnic at the National Wildlife Visitors Center.  There are lakes, and birds (mostly geese at this time of year) and a big polar bear that always impresses Alice.  We had a lovely picnic on the board walk under the oak trees.  Then we went inside to see the exhibits.  Alice seemed to have a lovely time and actually smiled and made comments.

Alice and Stacy on the walkway from the picnic benches.

Alice and Stacy on the walkway from the picnic benches.

Happy gramps poses for selfie

Happy gramps poses for selfie

Less happy Gramps surprised by grumpy bear

Less happy Gramps surprised by grumpy bear

Gramp’s Day Out

This is a field trip report.  I finally got a day off and on Saturday, August 8, I drove the 20 miles to Baltimore Harbor to see the American Visionary Art Museum or AVAM.  What a hoot?

I didn’t go last weekend because it was Labor Day and there were so many festivals and miscellaneous events in the area, I thought that parking would be impossible. This Saturday there were so many festivals and other events that parking WAS impossible.  I finally took a chance on a visitor’s space in an apartment complex.  I only had to walk about 5 blocks and cross Federal Hill.

Federal Hill from the Inner Harbor

Inner Harbor from Federal Hill

On the way I had to go through Federal Hill Park. There were several people standing on the edge of the hill looking expectantly over the Inner Harbor where someone was speaking very loudly over an over amped PA system.  And so, I got to watch 2 heats of the Dragon Boat Races.

Dragon Boat

Dragon Boats ready for Start

There were hundreds of participants and thousands of spectators.  It was a HUGE deal.

Then I made my way DOWN the hill, without falling, which was an accomplishment.  There was a large craft festival occupying the parking spaces where I should have been able to park.  Lots of stuff.  Not as big as the annual street fair in Ashland but still impressive. The gift shop in the museum is the Sideshow.  This was the Out-Sideshow.

I got my picture taken in front of a lot of stuff but folks had trouble making my camera work so most of them didn’t actually happen.  You will notice in these pix that there was a heavy emphasis on “BLING”.

AVAM from FS Key Parkway

Eyebrow Transom in the floor

Icarus Falling

AVAM Iconic School Bus “cominatcha”

GOR Detracting from AVAM blingy bus

   There was a whole other building with lots of animated clock-work figures.  Very interesting also.  There was a blingy hearse but my pix of that didn’t come out.  I would like to note that the stuff from the museum that I did photograph I wasn’t supposed to.  I didn’t see the signs until I’d done it so I’m posting them here.  I don’t think anybody whose going to read this will post anything here on Facebook but if you are thinking about it, DON’T!  Do it, that is.  I suppose it’s OK to just think about it.

   While I’m at it, if you ARE thinking about putting stuff on Facebook, WHY are you on Facebook in the first place?  I think it’s for silly kids who still labor under the misapprehension that anyone besides their parents really cares what they do or think, people who want to sell them stuff, and, of course, their parents.  If you think I’m wrong about this, please let me know.  I mean, Facebook is almost as bad as the old people who think anybody cares what THEY think.

JUST REMEMBER, Gramps loves YOU and wants you to be happy.