Four Legged Furry Grand-kids

It appears I have posted nothing for over a year.  Or, I haven’t posted anything for a year. Or, it’s been a year since I posted anything.  Isn’t English fun.

As you probably know, if you are reading this at all, I enjoy living with two (2) of my furry grand-children.  I have one other who is reported to be as wonderful as these two (2) but, unfortunately, I have yet to meet her.

Here are recent pix of the two I live with.
Pounce INSISTS on supervising from the deck rail while Chessie does her “business”.
He also enjoys watching TV and supervising Alice’s naps.
He often covers the toy Chessie is using and won’t let Chessie get it. Chessie wheedles and coaxes but Pounce never gives in.
Sometime Lilly comes to visit and Chessie tries to get her to play tug. Lilly used to play tug but, now she’s older and more refined. Poor Chessie just keeps coaxing.
I had a several bags of groceries to carry in so, Chess guarded the door so Pounce wouldn’t get out and go wondering.
Thanks for looking. Drop a line. Love to hear from you…

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